Why Choose Us

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Why Choose Us

Despite concerted efforts to reduce food waste through the entire food industry, the government’s waste advisory body, Wrap, says £13bn-worth of edible food is thrown out in Britain every year.

Wrap is overseeing a major simplification of labelling with consumers often unaware of the difference between a use-by and a best-before date.

We here at foodirect have made it a clear goal to help reduce the amount of waste going to landfill every year.

Chris and the team have dedicated themselves to achieving this goal by offering “short dated” or products that have recently passed their “best before” date to customers who understand that “best before” date’s are there for advisory purposes, not food safety purposes.

Here at foodirect we ensure that all of our products are clearly labelled and place “best before” dates on the website under every image, the focus for us is to try and encourage more people to save money on products that are perfectly fine to eat and help reduce the amount of edible food going to landfill.